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In comparison: Hotels versus serviced apartments

When going on an extended vacation or a business trip, one of the things you need to take care of is finding the right accommodation. Of course, you have several options. You can choose to stay at a hotel, an inn, or an apartment. But staying at a hotel for a few weeks doesn’t seem very practical, especially if you’re travelling with a big group. Click here


Likewise, renting an apartment for just a few weeks is just as impractical. A serviced apartment like the ones at offers the best of both worlds. You get the same services and amenities as hotels but with more space like an apartment.

What is a serviced apartment?

Serviced apartments are fully furnished apartments that are available for both short and long-term stays. These facilities provide amenities for daily use, such as housekeeping and a wide range of other services, which are all included in the rental price. Serviced apartments provide similar services as hotels, but they are not the same.

What’s the difference between hotels and serviced apartments?

Although serviced apartments and hotels offer similar facilities and services, they are not the same. Hotels are mostly for short-terms stays. The serviced apartments at, on the other hand, are more appropriate for long-term stays—though they can also be booked for short-term use. They also come with added convenience, space, and privacy, as if you are staying at home—which is something that hotels lack. This way, you can enjoy living like a local while travelling. They also typically come at a much lower cost than hotels. Visit at Rockhampton Serviced Apartments

Advantages of serviced apartments

Here are some benefits of staying at a serviced apartment when travelling.

Extra space. At a serviced apartment, you get about 30% more space than a traditional hotel–giving you more room to sleep, relax, cook, and work. In fact, most one-bedroom service apartments are around twice the size of an average hotel room, which is a big advantage if you are travelling with a large group.

Cost-effective. The price of serviced apartments is typically 20% less than the rates of hotels of the same standard. You also won’t be surprised with hidden additional charges for room service, mini-bars, and other extra services, as everything is already included in the rental price.

Convenience. Most serviced apartments are located in the heart of major cities and near public transport, tourist spots, and some important business districts, making your commute so much easier.

Flexibility. Another advantage serviced apartments have over standard hotels is that they have facilities for cooking and enough space for entertaining guests. You can also hold business meetings within the apartment. This is something you cannot do at a hotel. Aside from the limited space, most hotels are very strict about visitors.

Whether you are travelling for leisure or business, finding the most suitable accommodation should be one of your top priorities. Families, holidaymakers, and even corporate travellers are all welcome in Rockhampton Serviced Apartments whether it’s for a short or extended visit in Rockhampton. You can find more about the rooms, amenities, and services they offer at