How To Make A Motion Logo? What Are The Basic Techniques

Motion graphics are the combination of animation and digital footage to create the illusion of video and sound to depict a message, an idea, or a thought process. The graphics are done through software displayed via electronic media technology and manually powered like a flipbook or a zoetrope.

A motion logo is adding effects and animation to the logo, using simple dynamics to a presentation. To make a motion logo, the designer must know all about the brand and their functioning, as each motion logo must be unique and speaks for the brand, so it should be extremely user friendly and communicative.

Ways to make an animated logo

Motion or animated logo captures a visitor’s attention immediately due to the added special effects, and the first few seconds decide how people could perceive your brand and image. In the end, it is all about the consumers; the logo should be captivating enough to get traffic for the client. There are many ways to animate logo.

animated logo

Make sure you enter the company details completely, with the name and country of origin with a catchphrase.

Choose a mascot for the brand, something that could speak about your brand, and make sure it is unique to your brand.

Customize the background and other details like the logo and accent to fix the theme of the logo

Preview the product before saving the image, add any animation if necessary, and save and export.

In conclusion, motion logos work on the principle of using frame-by-frame footage with the addition of animation. The typical animation is story-based, but a motion logo is a short-length video containing many abstract shapes and forms to attract an audience.

The captivating effects of the animated logo make people remember the logo after watching it once. This improves brand awareness, hence more clients. So hiring a good designer for making the motion logo is beneficial for the company itself.