3 Ways To Rig In Photoshop

The best way to tell a story is by pictures, which would become much better with animation. You can make 2d animation and tell your story using the Photoshop application; there are several things to know, such as how to make a character and RIG’s ways. We will explain three ways to rig in Photoshop to make amazing 2D animations for your stories.

What Is Mean By Rigging?

Before you know how it’s done, you must know what this means; rigging is also known as skeletal animation. With the help of this, you can make your character move, first, you need to create a series of bones. After completing the addition of bones you can see them be in a hierarchy, it makes the character move like anyone do in real life. This is a standard way of making your character animate which is over 100 frames. Usually, this is mainly used by video game developers and in animations.

3 Ways To Rig In Photoshop

You can make your character move with these methods.

You can make your character move easily with the help of this motion feature, all you have to do is go to timeline editor then click motion, go to the content manager then open the animation tab and select the file of character such as for cats, you have to select cat. In the end select move, you can select what type of movement you want.

Creating a custom animation, open 2d motion key editor, move your marker over the frame. To create another animation, you need to move the marker at the frame you want.

riggingCharacter designs, if there are arms and legs in your character, you have to draw it in the T shape. Then add the bones in your character which is called rigging. Add the different parts in different layers to make the skeleton animation.

You can do rigging 2d with Photoshop tools, this is easy to do this properly.

A 2d animation is used for many purposes, the main motive is to convey a message. This will take so much time to complete an animation but that worth making your character animate. You can tell your stories much easily, so make sure you draw an awesome character and then animate this carefully with rigging.