The Time For Making A 4-Minute Animation Specified!

One of the reasons behind the radiant smile in our childhood is the animated cartoons we all watched on television, as they are pleasant and attractive to the eye. The voice modulation, scenery, music, background all of that makes the senses of children involve when they watch cartoons and animation, and so the enjoyment is doubled.

The animated cartoons are enjoyable as humans do not generally converse; it triggers the imaginations and takes us away from the real world where everything is possible. Have you thought about how these animated cartoons are produced? How much time do they need to get delivered? Read more to know about the steps of producing an animation and the time for making an animation.

What is animation?

The animation is considered the method containing models, puppets, successive photographic drawings to create an illusion of movement. In the beginning years of animation, the images are drawn and even painted by the hand on the transparent celluloid sheets. Ultimately they get photographed and exhibited in the film. But nowadays, the animations are mostly made with the help of a computer generator imaginary (CGI).

How much time do you need to produce the 4-minute animation?

The time required for animation depends on the animation you want to use, as motion graphics takes a lot more time than the rudimentary whiteboard animation. Generally, it will take up 5 to 6 weeks time for making a 4-minute animation; the steps and skills of producing an animator are as follows.

Skills of an animator

The following are the skills you need to be an animator.

It would help if you had the creativity, imagination in the animation, patience, and attention to detail.

You need to be familiar with graphics software, but you also need a high level of drawing skills.

It would help if you had communication and presentation skills to work as part of the team.

producing an animation

Steps of producing an animation

The steps you need while creating an animation are as follows.

Step-1– you need to gather information in brief.

Step-2- you need to work on the script and a concept; they are crucial in animation.

Step-3– You need to analyze various mood board and sketch out them on the storyboard.

Step-4 styles your idea and then illustrate it in the video.

Step 5- voice over the character in your video and then animate it after the approval.

Step-6 Lastly does the post-production like editing, sound mixing, and graphics.

If you want to do animation, first build your skills and mood as it requires patience.