Do You Need Math For Animation?

The world of animation is thrilling and magical. It is gaining success at a very large rate. The animation is a process in which animators manipulate the figure to appear as moving images.

Animated movies have received recognition worldwide and have made billions of dollars. Some of the famous animated movies that have made billions are lion king, toy story4, frozen and many more. The first fully ever made animated movie is believed to be Fantasmagorie by Cohl, released in 1908.

Many young aspirants want to take animation as a career option, but what pulls them back is a lack of reliable information about the career. An animator needs to excel in different types of areas; knowledge is the basic key. One of the popular questions is whether or not you need math for animation.

Do you need Maths to become an Animator?

The answer is not a complete no, as you do need basic mathematics to excel in the career of animation. You need to know some of the fundamentals of algebra, geometry, trigonometry or calculus to acquire a firm grip over animation.

Passing a statement that mathematics is a compulsion in the field of animation is not true. Traditional animation used to work on advanced formulas and math-based algorithms but now everything has changed with evolution.

Only know-how about mathematics is necessary; you don’t have to be a mathematician to become an animator.

Skills required to become an animator

One of the skills required to be an animator is creativity. You should create your own content and think beyond the box to create something exclusive and extraordinary.

You need to have knowledge about graphic software and should possess technical knowledge as well.

become an AnimatorDrawing and sketching skills to come up with your own characters

An individual should know how to create 2D as well as 3D animations

Understanding human and animal anatomy to create realistic characters

Understanding the fundamentals of physics or Newton’s law of gravity to come up with realistic edits.

Should know how to work in a team and should possess organizational skills

Knowing various things that are related to animation can give you an upper hand in career opportunities. Different things need to know to become animator are working with software, physics, maths, human or animal anatomy, creativity, 3D animation, and many more.