THE MAGIC OF SEX + LOVE SERIES with Candace and Sophia

In this three part workshop series, modern mystics Candace and Sophia will break down how the ancient occult systems of Astrology and Tarot can deepen your understanding of sex, love, and relationships. Learn about the amorous natures of all twelve zodiac signs, and how to decode the symbolic language of Tarot in a romantic context. The series will culminate in a love magic class, where we'll delve into how to ethically create and cast spells using candle magic and the Words of Power ancient Egyptian spell format. Classes can be attended on an individual basis, though the concepts from each class enhance and build on one another. The concept of self-love will be included in the curriculum, and you need not be in a relationship to attend. 

Week 3: Thursday Feb 16th : HIGH-VIBRATIONAL LOVE MAGIC 

Delve into the art of Candle Magic, where Candace will show you how to dress a candle and infuse it with cosmic energy to support your intentions for healing and manifestation. Sophia will share the Words of Power, a customizable spell format from Ancient Egypt that yields incredible results in clearing unhealthy bonds and bringing in the forms and essence of love. Elements of Astrology and Tarot will be woven into this session, so though it's not mandatory, attendance from weeks 1 and 2 will enhance the experience of this class. All magic will be taught in a high-vibrational, ethical manner, devoid of manipulation, honoring the free will of all, and for the highest good of all.