• Show + tell 374 East 2nd Street Los Angeles, CA, 90012 United States

Show+Tell presents a special evening of art & music featuring a live sound performance by Gregory Lenczycki as part of the 'Listening Garden' exhibition program. The concert will span the duration of sunset and will invite the audience to a magical hour of unique art viewing and listening experience.

Concert is free with your RSVP to,
a suggested donation to benefit the performers is $10-$15. 

About the Sound Performance:
Composer Gregory Lenczycki’s work explores the rhythms of space and the architecture of sound. His music draws from an archive of collected sounds, irregular sequences, and noise. In addition to the five-week sound installation Oppositional Harmonics - Sound Installation for Two Speakers, this special live performance takes place inside the Listening Garden and span the duration of sunset. Utilizing only two esoteric pentatonic scales dating back to the 11th century AD, Ryo and Ritsu, found in Shōmyō chanting among the Tendai and Shingon Buddhist schools, Gregory created a series of musical works that attempt to define the oppositional tension of both the physical phenomena these scales create in the listener and the metaphysically suggestive qualities attributed to them. Five scores will be performed by a quartet that, in addition to Gregory, will include Jorge Martin on electronics and percussion, William Roper on Tuba and percussion and Rich West on percussion and French horn.

About the Performers:
Gregory Lenczycki - Most recently Lenczycki has presented at The Box Los Angeles, Long Beach City College, and the Fort Mason Center San Francisco. Recent premieres include the requiem You Are Not Alone with support from Newtown Arts Pasadena in the Lower Arroyo Park to mark the 100th anniversary of the Colorado Street bridge, works for string quartet, his setting of Percy Bysshe Shelley's 1817 poem Mont Blanc for soprano, clarinet, tuba, and live electronics and the score for second iteration of Kathleen Johnson's nine-year science fiction opera Brainchild. Lenczycki frequently collaborates with filmmakers, sculptors, photographers, choreographers and writers. His music is available at

Rich West - Rich West is an improvising bookshop owner living in a city whose name means The Red One. All of the sounds he makes are natural and self-inflicted and rarely is anyone else hurt in the making of these introspective sounds.

William Roper - William Roper works in the disciplines of music, theater and the visual arts. He also likes to play polkas. He has toured internationally as a soloist and sideman. Details can be found at:

Jorge Martin - By day, Jorge Martin is a mild mannered medical researcher but, at night, he transforms into a well respected sound artist. Though classically trained on piano and clarinet, he is more often heard constructing intricate music by processing the output from his modular analog synthesizer panels through a myriad of guitar effect pedals. Until a few years ago he was one half of the acclaimed duo Spastic Colon.