Amanda Yates Garcia, also known as the Oracle of Los Angeles, was initiated into witchcraft by her mother at age 13 and has been practicing magic and divination ever since. She has studied meditation with the Zen Mountain Monastery in upstate New York, trained in shamanism with Amanda Foulger of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, practiced Holotropic Breathwork with Michael Stone, and received her Reiki Master initiation from the Tibetan Lama Tenzin Lama Sherpa. She has led public ceremonies and rituals at Human Resources, Side Street Projects, and the Women’s Center for Creative Work among many other venues. She is the host of KCHUNG’s The Oracle Hour radio show and leads a monthly mystery school called Magical Praxis, which covers topics ranging from Love Spells to Money Mojo and Psychic Self-Defense. A regular contributing writer to the online magazine WITCH, Amanda is an intuitive coach, oracle, energy healer, tarot reader, shamanic practitioner, and witch with a mission of empowering her clients to find their most meaningful and beautiful lives in the name of Love.



Tarot is a centuries old system of divination that helps you find answers to your most burning questions, cultivate personal empowerment, plan for future developments, gain insight into your current situation and create the life you want for yourself. Speaking through the language of the unconscious, the tarot uses images, symbols and stories to illuminate underlying patterns at work in your life and offers possibilities for transformation. Amanda will be offering readings that include energy clearing and assignments you can do at home to help manifest the changes you'd like to see take place in your life. $20 for 15 minutes or $40 for 30 minutes.