Amber will lead a nourishing time of ceremony and connection to the natural world through simple self-care rituals.  Her practice, Plant As Compass, teaches and empowers us to be guided by the plants and our innate intelligence to cultivate wellness.  In this workshop, Amber will lead a plant guided meditation followed by the self-love ritual of anointing and massaging with essential oils.  We will conclude by sharing 'awa (kava) in a traditional Hawaiian ceremony.  

About Amber:

Amber Lee's lineage is rooted in the Andes, the Hawaiian Islands, in prayer, and in service.  Years of study in the healing arts has resulted in a healing practice that is now woven with the teachings of Acupressure, Integrated Energy Therapy®, CranioSacral®, Esalen Massage®, & Deep Bodywork®.  Each session is curated to the needs and interests of the individual, as Amber intuitively and authentically brings science and spirt together for a holistically healing experience.  

In addition to her therapeutic practice, Amber works with plants and essential oils as tools for healing.  She offers essential oil education, consultations, and aromatherapy treatments as well.  By the guidance and inspiration of Mother Earth's healing medicines, her practice Plant As Compass came to be established. 

Beyond healing sessions, Amber also leads educational and ceremonial workshops for women and co-ed groups. In addition to producing an array of conscious and heart-centered community events. You may find these offerings through her holistic production company, Sister Valley. 

Amber shares her teachings and healings in California, Hawaii, and beyond.  You may find her specifically in the Ojai Valley where she lives and in Los Angeles. She has furthermore served by assisting massage trainings & certifications with her mentors at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California where she frequents.  

Amber seeks to return the balance of spirit and nature in all her work.  Her personal treatment philosophy & teaching style is inspired by the innate intelligence and power to self-heal that lives inherently in every being. She dedicates her path to supporting this understanding and reconnection. In her words, "Return to Nature. Return to Self."

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